I am a communication-oriented software engineer who designs and builds scalable and maintainable software. Despite years of engagement in management and business collaboration, I am still very excited to develop around all kinds of technology. What's more, I can call myself a great Dev-Ops enthusiast, cloud services explorer and a rookie data engineer.


"It's been a while since..." well, I guess it sounds a bit elderly :) but when I realize that I started my digital journey in the mid 90' (first conscious meet with my father's PC with Intel 486 DX4 onboard) and continued over few decades - that is the way it is.

Most of my professional career revolves around building scalable web applications and APIs, however, I had an opportunity to spend a great time with electronics (high school), PC hardware assembly (my very first part-time job), developing Android applications (few years as a contractor/freelancer), UI/UX design and implementation and finally building ETL/Big Data systems.

However, from the very beginning, I was engaged and focused on understanding and delivering valuable products that perfectly fulfil business expectations and make end-users excited about using them.

So that is probably the greatest thing about the journey - you can keep your child's curiosity for the whole of your life, constantly develop and share your knowledge, listen to people and deliver great products at the same time.


I adore every minute of my offline time. Family, outdoor, travelling, sports games, books, friends - that is a real sense and balance of my life. But when someone says: "These are difficult times.." I always take the advantage of laughing at a musicians joke:

*Yep, I am in love with music since I was a little kid. That old passion stays with me over years and gives me a lot of energy to handle all life activities and routines. So let's stop reading, enjoy the music *and

see you at the gig!